Organizing, and Filing- oh my!

Ok your classroom is decorated SO nicely. Then the papers start coming and you don’t know what to do…so the shoving begins- showing in drers and cabinets because you don’t have a system whether they should go.  That’s where we at WRTN come in with some basic filing tips:

No matter what anyone tells you- invest in multicolored file folders (you will be thankful later)

  • Make a file with each students name on it. Keep a copy of contact info (from the office and future info that you acquire as you get to know the students and circumstances better) You can add any tests or major assignments to this file as the year progressess. This file will be your go to when parent teacher conference arrive and you have to prove a point (positive or negative).
  • Keep a Professional developement file. Although most districts do keep this all online for your career sake its always a good idea to keep a paper copy of this.

You should have one tall file cabinet- it you teach all subjects you need to give each drawer a subject.

  • Make folder for parent contact. It should include dates and notes that you’ve received  from the parents.
  • Evaluation folder- You should always keep a copy of this at home as well as at school. 

IF there are anyother ideas out there fellow teachers post them PLEASE!!

I will attach some pictures and forms  for contct in the next few days!


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Classroom Management Part 1- Behavior…

Classroom Management Part 1- Behavior…

Okay now imagine me saying that like I’m Oprah but without any money just information. So here’s the deal- toward the end of my first year in the classroom I was given a gift by the name of Tyisha Nelson. She provided me with some AWESOME classroom management tips.
First thing: Start your year the way you want to end your year, that means pick a plan that you know you can keep up with even on your craziest day. Because if you aren’t consistent in your implementation it won’t matter what your plan is if you don’t follow through.
You need to figure out what things are non-negotiable in your building. This means figuring out a way to track the behavior of your students. If there are no preset behavior plans (you can usually find this out by asking your team leader or asking your P.E. or music teacher what the teachers usually send to track behavior).
Here are a couple of Ideas I’ve seen:

SNIP IT (Example paperwork is below as well as pics)

(By the way- This is ALL thanks to Tyisha Nelson, this system helped save my classroom!!)
The Way “Snip-It” works: Each child begins each six weeks with 5 E’s (Excellent), 5 S’s (Satisfactory), 5 N’s (Needs Improvement), and 5 U’s (Unsatisfactory). If a student does not follow the rules listed above, he/she will have to snip a letter from their conduct slip. The conduct letter remaining at the end of the six weeks will be reflected on your child’s report card. Folders will be sent home weekly to keep you updated on your child’s behavior. At the end of each six weeks, we will be conducting a “Snip It Celebration”. This is a way to reward students that have maintained good behavior.

Snip it Board

Snip it

Snip It Weekly Log – Bostic


Snip It Letter
Checkmark system (Example paperwork below)
This means that each time a student breaks the rules that you mark the infraction a board, then each time that a student gets a mark then there is a different consequence.
That means whatever rules that you claim you need to stick to them.

Class List and Checkmark Behavior Log

Line Order – Rules on back of Clip Board
I called it this but you can replace it with the name of ANYTHING that your students want to do. You explain to the class that you will give one warning before you erase a letter from the word. Depending on the severity of the behavior you can make each letter worth time that they owe you or you can just say that as long as they have letters left they may participate in the event.

Countdown Online Timer:
This one is easy. You give a direction for the class to complete and then countdown to one ALOUD.  You can also put a timer up on a screen to help your students learn to use their time more wisely. This puts a sense of urgency to complete the task as well as allows them to have some fun running around to get it done. The keys to making this work:
1. DON’T allow them to count with you this throws of the urgency as well as your pacing (which can change according to what you want done)
2. Set your time and stick with it. Only extend the time if necessary but they should not assume this.
3. If they aren’t done in the time allotted you need to have a plan. Are you going to collect the assignment anyhow? Or continue counting back up and take that time off of their recess?

OKAY- I KNOW there are A LOT more ideas out there! If you have one post it!!
Next focus…
Classroom Management and Files!

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Your classroom- your look…

Okay- I’ll be honest I’m not big into all the ‘frou frou’ teacher stuff HOWEVER- something I learned the hard way even if decoration isn’t your ‘thing’ come up with something that ties your room together.

1- Pick a theme-
Doesn’t have be anything major but enough that when people walk in it looks like everything fits. (BTW- just getting border that’s all the same with solid backgrounds is an EASY fix)

Basic boards to have ALL YEAR:
Classroom management (rules and such)
Student work board
Word wall (this can be an actual wall)
Pictures will be attached of some examples.
CALENDAR-here’s the deal buy one good set at the teacher store laminate it and use it all year. Buy the reusable wax hooks put them on each number.

Regardless of what management tool/s you use you should have a board that prominently displays your expectations. This should also have space to show a way that students are meeting these expectations.

Write something like ‘Our Student Stars’ and put some construction paper with paperclips on it. DONE

Either punch out the Alphabet with your schools die cut machine and laminate the letters or buy some. Find a wall with some space and put the letters up in order and so that you can add words under each letter easily throughout the year.

Only put up posters that you will ACTUALLY use! Inspirational posters are great IF they fit you- if not get a general one you’ll refer to and put it up.
I would stick to posters that you can refer the kids to when they are working. Make sure that they know that they are there and you’ll save yourself some extra work throughout the year.

Big thanks to the following teachers for offering examples from their rooms:
Jennifer Thomas-5th
Kerstin Allen-1st
Rasheda Green–5th
Katy Rohr-Kdg.

NEXT UP… Classroom management tools

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Welcome to YOUR room….

You see your classroom your mind starts racing – now STOP! we are going to tackle this one thing at a time.

So first things first:
You need to find out how many students you are expected to have.
You can usually ask other team mates or get an approximate number from you office clerk or secretary.
Check that your desks and chairs work and that you have enough of both. See if they can be adjusted to fit kids as necessary. If not ask for forms to request desks (school secretary) or see if there is a custodian that can help you find what you need.
For best classroom management it is best to put your classroom in small groups. And pre assign seats to avoid confusion.
If you don’t know the kids the best plan is to set up groups as equally as possible.
Groups of 4- two girls and two boys
Groups of 3 – alternate 2 boys/1girl and 2 girls/1boys

Secondary or rotating classes
Usually stick to rows and allow the students to pick their own seats.

If you have additional questions, it comments please leave them below. The next entry will discuss basic class decoration.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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I got the job- now what?

Congratulations to your new job! Now it’s time to get down to wo

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